Take a look at some actual video footage of our plant workers producing domestically manufactured (MADE IN THE USA) products.

Through Feed Threading Machine

3/4 x 23" ATS Grade 55 being produced.

Flat Die Threader

Threading parts drawn or sheared into blanks.

Shear Machine

Shearing Bar Stock into blanks for threading and bending if required.

Cut Threading Machine

This is a manual cut thread machine.

Bending Press

This Anchor Bolt is being made for Light Poles. It is cut, threaded, and stress relieved. The next step is to put a washer onto the straight part. Once that's done the bending occurs creating the anchor. The next step is to weld the washer onto the Anchor Bolt. The part is then sent to galvanizing.

Di Acro Bending Press

Video of Eye Bolts being made.