Interstate Threaded Products (ITP) manufactures specialty threaded fasteners that are used in the petrochemical, communication/power generation, road and building construction, agricultural, and microwave tower industries.

We stock standard size anchor bolts, u-bolts, eye bolts, all thread, and even some microwave tower parts. We can produce custom products to your specifications for highway projects and government work requirements. With the expertise provided by our highly trained and experienced staff, you can be sure your parts will be manufactured to your exact specifications and delivered in the most timely manner. Committed to the quality control and reliability required to meet your - and your customer's - high standards, Interstate Threaded Products is where manufacturing and customer service unite.


Tower Industry

Interstate Threaded Products supports the tower and pole industry by providing threaded rebar for cage manufacturing as well as a full line of galvanized threaded connectors - including nuts and washers - for the assembly of microwave antenna mounts. Crucial to on-site fabrication and the assembly of tower mounts and tower erection, Interstate Threaded Products can provide the specified material when you need it, eliminating costly downtime due to late deliveries or fabrication errors. Interstate Threaded Products either stocks or can manufacture a full complement of tower and site hardware connectors, giving distributors and end users a single source for all of their fabrication needs.

Petrochemical and Power Generation

Interstate Threaded Products has a long, rich history within the power generation and petrochemical industries. We provide our power customers with studs and anchor bolts for support towers and connectors for oil and gas line piping. Because we understand that these industries require periodic scheduled maintenance downtime, and that you want to minimize that downtime, our commitment to on-time delivery of either stock or manufactured parts makes Interstate Threaded Products your one-stop trusted parts supplier.

Commercial Heavy Construction

Interstate Threaded Products is a leader in the production of large diameter anchor bolts and u-bolts used in commercial construction. The ability to thread larger diameter products allows us to provide products for the demanding commercial needs of our clients. Interstate Threaded Products is sensitive to the constraints of construction project timelines - crucial in maintaining your project budget. To that end, Interstate Threaded Products stocks a large supply of standard anchor bolts, u-bolts, and threaded rods which are ready for pickup the same day for our commercial construction clients.


Interstate Threaded Products supplies the needs of the agricultural industry by providing products such as u-bolts, j-bolts, and anchor bolts in a variety of materials and finishes. Our products are used in livestock enclosures, irrigation systems, and in tractors and other farming equipment. We can provide the products you need in a timely manner, so your operations can continue to operate without downtime.

Road Construction

Interstate Threaded Products is a big player in road construction projects. We understand the need for precision quality parts delivered in short lead times. Interstate provides various types of Anchors Bolts, Studs, and Rods needed for bridge and highway construction/maintenance. Most of these fasteners are in stock ready for immediate delivery. We are proud to participate in the construction of quality roads and bridges.